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"In the world of contemporary academia, Danziger’s work is unique. It blends immense knowledge of the history (and pre-history) of psychological research with likewise immense knowledge of psychology’s conceptual and cultural history; it combines discussion of empirical experimentation with its discourse analysis; and it draws on registers of historical erudition and philosophical acumen unusual in many human sciences and very rare in psychology. In today’s psychology, Kurt Danziger appears like one of the small number of scholars from ancient Athens who, after Greece was defeated, were able continue their work in Rome, reminding the Romans of a civilization so different from theirs." - Jens Brockmeier, Review of Marking the Mind (Theory & Psychology, 2012, 23, 370-3)

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About: Kurt Danziger is an academic whose innovative contributions to the history of psychology have received widespread international recognition. He was Professor of Psychology at York University from 1965 to 1994 and is now Professor Emeritus. In 1972 he was elected a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and in 1989 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He received the CPA Education and Training Award in 1994, having taken a leading role in establishing the History and Theory Option of the Psychology Graduate Programme at York University and having supervised many of the students who took this option during the first 15 years of its existence. Since the late 1970’s, Danziger’s teaching and research have been largely devoted to the history and theory of psychology. His initial concentration was on the history of psychological methodology. The results of his work in this area were presented in his book, Constructing the Subject: Historical Origins of Psychological Research, published by Cambridge University Press in 1990. The review that appeared in Contemporary Psychology in July 1992 judged that "without a doubt this is the most important book on the history of psychology to come along in years....the understanding and the very teaching of the history of our discipline will have been profoundly altered by Danziger's analysis".  more ...

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