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Rediscovering the History of Psychology: Essays Inspired by the Work of Kurt Danziger (2004)

Adrian C. Brock, Johann Louw & Willem van Hoorn (Eds.)


For the last 25 years, Kurt Danziger's work has been at the center of developments in history and theory of psychology. This volume makes Danziger's work the focal point of a variety of contributions representing several active areas of research. The authors are among the leading figures in history and theory of psychology from North America, Europe and South Africa, including Danziger himself. This work will serve as a point of departure for those who wish to acquaint themselves with some of the most important issues in this field.


"If everyone inspired by Kurt Danziger’s writings would have contributed to this volume, it would have been a very long book. ... Rediscovering the History of Psychology offers a rich source of inspiration, and surely also debate." - Trudy Dehue, Theory & Psychology

"while the New Historians are working out important issues about “the psychological,” they are simply ignored by the rest of the discipline ... Let us hope that the present, interesting volume might help to counteract this unfortunate situation." - Franz Samelson, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences


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