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Review symposium on Kurt Danziger's Constructing the Subject

Capshew, J. H. (1992). Constructing subjects, reconstructing psychology. Theory & Psychology, 2 243-247. [pdf]

Mills, J. A. (1992). Reconstructing Constructing the Subject. Theory & Psychology, 2, 248-250. [pdf]

Rogers, T. B. (1992). Danziger and psychological testing. Theory & Psychology, 2, 251-254. [pdf]

Danziger. K. (1992). Ideas and constructions: Reply to reviewers. Theory & Psychology, 2, 255-256. [pdf]

The following paper was a part of the original symposium but was published separately as a book review:

Stam, H. J. (1992). Deconstructing the subject: Banishing the ghost of Boring. Contemporary Psychology, 37, 629-632. [pdf]