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Kurt Danziger: An Appreciation

Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association in Toronto, June 2011

Chair: Katalin Dzinas (University of Toronto at Scarborough)

Raymond E. Fancher (York University). Kurt Danziger at York University. [html] [pdf]

Richard Walsh-Bowers (Wilfrid Laurier University). The implications of contextualizing psychological methods for education in psychology. [html] [pdf]

Adrian C. Brock (University College Dublin). Subject, object and practice: Three fundamental concepts in Kurt Danziger’s work. [html] [pdf]

Henderikus J. Stam (University of Calgary). History is us: Historiography and the relevance of history to psychology. [html] [pdf]

Award Presentation

Adrian C. Brock (University College Dublin). Presentation of Kurt Danziger with a Lifetime Achievement Award. [html] [pdf]

Kurt Danziger (York University). Hyper-loops or ten minute musings from the rocking chair. [html] [pdf]