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Danziger Symposium

Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences in Berlin, August 2000

Chairs: Adrian Brock (University College Dublin) & Johann Louw (University of Cape Town) 

Johann Louw (University of Cape Town). Danziger's work in South Africa.

Adrian Brock (University College Dublin). Danziger's work on Wundt.

Pieter van Strien (University of Groningen). Danziger's work on the history of method.

Richard Walsh-Bowers (Wilfrid Laurier University). Danziger's work on the research relationship.

Kees Bertels (University of Leiden). Danziger's work on the history of psychological concepts.

Willem van Hoorn (University of Amsterdam). Danziger's views on historiography.

Hank Stam (University of Calgary). Danziger's work in relation to theory.

Kurt Danziger (York University). Discussant 

Revised and expanded versions of the papers by Louw, van Strien, Walsh-Bowers, van Hoorn, Stam and Danziger were subsequently published as book chapters. The chapters are available here.