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Symposium on Kurt Danziger’s Constructing the Subject.

Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of Cheiron (International Society for History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences) in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, June 1991

Chair: Dale Stout (Bishops University)

Hank Stam (University of Calgary). Social construction of psychological knowledge: Promises and pitfalls.

James Capshew (Indiana University). Constructing subjects, Reconstructing psychology.

John A. Mills (University of Saskatchewan). Reconstructing Constructing the Subject.

Kurt Danziger (York University). Reply to the commentators.

All the papers from the symposium, except one, were subsequently published in Theory & Psychology. Hank Stam did not want to publish a review in a journal which he edits and so his paper was replaced by a new paper by Tim Rogers. Stam's paper became a book review that was published in Contemporary Psychology. All the published papers, including Stam's, are available here.