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Problematic Encounter:

Talks on Psychology and History

Kurt Danziger

[download entire book in pdf format]

Introduction (2010) [html] [pdf]

(A) Background

1. The moral basis of historiography (1997) [html] [pdf]

2. The autonomy of applied psychology (1990) [html] [pdf]

3. What I wish I knew in 1950 (1997) [html] [pdf]

(B) Psychological Objects

4. The social context of research practice and the priority of history (1993) [html] [pdf]

5. Natural kinds, human kinds and historicity (1997) [html] [pdf]

6. Psychological objects, practice and history (1993) [html] [pdf]

7. The historiography of psychological objects (2001) [html] [pdf]

(C) Consequences

8. Does the history of psychology have a future? (1994) [html] [pdf]

9. Towards a polycentric history of psychology (1996) [html] [pdf]

(D) Historical Psychology

10. Long past, short history – the case of memory (2008) [html] [pdf]

11.  Prospects of a historical psychology (2003) [html] [pdf]

12. The Holy Grail of universality (2007) [html] [pdf]